Apocalyptic Jungle Choreography Challenge

May 26th 2021- April 23 2021

Jungle Metal Choreography Challenge hosted by Tribal Island Theater. Perform online! Prize Giveaway!

Moonhoar has created a wild Apocalyptic Jungle Choreography. This short choreography is set to metal music and features apocalyptic themed fusion dance. Learn the choreography and post a video of yourself performing online in costume and makeup. One performer will be chosen for the prize giveaway- a unique horned headdress! Participants have 4 weeks to complete the challenge. You will receive a video describing the inspiration behind the choreography, theatrical expression, dance technique + drills, breakdown of the choreography, and inspiration for costuming and makeup. We hope you enjoy this challenge and adding a thrilling metal dance to your repertoire. Register today! $30

"Stage Magick" Theatrical Belly Dance Workshop with Moonhoar

April 11th, 2-4pm Central Time (US)

"Stage Magick" Theatrical Belly Dance Workshop with Moonhoar

Part lecture, part dance. In this workshop, we will discuss how to create a theatrical dance performance that leaves our audience spellbound. These tools can be used with any dance, with improvisation or choreography. After the discussion, we will work with a section of Moonhoar's choreography based on Anne Rice's Mother of Vampires, Akasha (the Queen of the Damned). In this theatrical choreography we will get a feel for commanding the stage, character development, expression, using imagery, and decorating movement with one's personal flourishes. Moonhoar's lecture notes will be available for download. Please bring a pen and notebook to jot down any ideas you might have.

Purchase now to receive the Zoom link for the live class. After the event, video recordings will be sent!

Single Workshop $40

Full Experience (8 workshops and tickets to both shows) $290

"The Visitors" Online Showcase Hosted by Nazirah the Dark Raven

April 24 2021 7pm CST

Gina Kaos will be performing in "The Visitors" Online Show hosted by Nazirah the Dark Raven. Show is free on youtube! Follow the Facebook event for details.  The Visitors Online Show | Facebook

Gothla Brazil

July 10 2021

Gina Kaos and Moonhoar will be performing at Gothla Brazil! Follow the Facebook page for all details.



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