About Our Instructors & Performers


Moonhoar is a theatrical performance artist, instructor, and choreographer classically trained in the dance arts and influenced by ancient lore. She specializes in dance, free movement, theater, fire performance, and Polynesian dance. Moonhoar's performances are stories woven in soothing, seductive, opiate lullabies and gutteral nightmares. She brings the magic hour to life, the time between times when one feels the presence of a different realm, be it fantasy or horror.


Moonhoar has been dancing for over 20 years. Moonhoar studies with professionals in MENAHT dances (Middle East, North Africa, Hellas, Turkey) and source instructors in Hula and Ori Tahiti. Moonhoar has a background in classical ballet, modern dance, jazz, lyrical, and character dance and has experimented with hip-hop, Bharatanatyam, flamenco, Irish step, and West African dance. Moonhoar is a former member of the Ithaca Ballet Company and Raphael Grigorian Ballet Theatre. Moonhoar recieved the Sophisticated Productions Title "1st Place National Modern Dance Choreography" in 2000. 



Gina Kaos is a Dark, Gothic and Metal Fusion style belly dancer in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Gina's evocative performances tell stories of the emotions we try to quell- anger, lust, sadness, and fear. Gina Kaos specializes in the ability to take any style of music and create a character in which she uses dance to express the characer, often in a dark passionate manner. Since the pandemic, Gina has created quite a niche in "music video" quality virtual performances. Every detail of these performances reflect her unique artistic flair. Gina Kaos' belief is that no matter how you dance you should dance with passion. The audience will see your soul before they will see technique. 

Gina Kaos has been studying belly dance for over 12 years. 


Gina Kaos

Lizzie Louise is a fusion belly dancer and fire artist based out of Covington, Louisiana. She specializes in fusing belly dance with fire flow props. Lizzie also specializes in modern belly dance fusion. She fuses Raqs Sharqi with Hip Hop movement. Lizzie uses movement and musicality to melt the mind. Her unique performance style will entertain and leave you wanting more. 


Lizzie has been belly dancing for 12 years. She has studied many different styles of belly dance, including Raqs Sharqi, fusion, and American Cabaret belly dance. Lizzie has also studied hip hop dance with a focus on pop and lock movement, tutting, and animation.


Lizzie Louise 

Nazirah The Dark Raven is a Dark fusion & Metal Dancer born in Puerto Rico and currently based in Florida. Nazirah likes to create performances inspired by horror, goth, Coven, pagan, witches, vampires, and Halloween- her birth month and favorite holiday!


Nazirah has been belly dancing Oriental style Raks Sharki for over 20 years. She has performed and instructed at deferent events, festivals and venues in Puerto Rico and the United States. For the last 15 years, she has trained in Tribal Fusion style and ATS Fat Chance Bellydance Style which she a certified teacher trainer. Nazirah was also cast for Jillina’s BDExperience as past of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Nazirah adds fire palms, fire fans, veils, wings, sword and zills to her performances.


Nazirah the Dark Raven
Sis Void

Enamored with dance since her childhood, Sis Void (Cécile Demers) discovers a wonderful world through training in classical ballet, jazz, synchronized swimming and gymnastics.

She then spent her teenage days floating from improv to theatrical events, where she played countless characters and developed a genuine dramatic talent which she would combine with her passion for medieval and fantasy role-playing games.
She has been concentrating her artistic energies in a new field for some time. Sewing became her main profession, founded her bespoke costume design company in 2007 and presented countless collections in bars and theaters in Montreal.
Around the age of 24, she discovered fusion dance, which had the elements that made her vibrate; openness, conviviality, openness to the symbiosis of the arts of bodily expression and multiculturalism ... She follows numerous training courses with Kali Maat, Iza San and Rachel Moreau, instructors who will guide her in this universe. She will be able, through this medium, to showcase her artistic, athletic and philosophical passions.
In parallel and complementarity, Sis follows various other training courses which will broaden her horizons of knowledge: contemporary dance, martial arts, handling of circus and fire accessories, singing, musical composition and burlesque.
Accomplished and enthusiastic, Sis became a teacher and guide in fusion dance, circus and fashion design. She founded the multidisciplinary community Symbiosis in 2014 and the Royal T troupe in 2015, born out of the belly of her creativity and her desire to create multidimensional dance.
Wanting to create platforms for artistic diversity, she became a producer of the Bal des Sorcières de Montréal, Dance and Flow Night, Art Open Jam and Cabaret Birthday Bash.
The arts are for Sis much more than a hobby: it is a universal language, a way of sharing and entering into communion with our humanity, an opportunity to relax, to express oneself freely, to keep the balance. , to gain confidence, to surprise yourself, to impress yourself, to surpass yourself and to connect as much with yourself as with the community.
A therapy for the artist as well as for the spectator, who will draw inspiration and expression from the performance of feelings that he cannot name or unveil.
Sis is currently interested in multimedia arts and is visiting the world of video to share these new ideas.
By letting your soul taste her art, you will be transported to where you always wanted to be, without even knowing it ...